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Offshore Leadership Online Course Information

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The Offshore leadership course will be a differential in your career, look at the Bonuses you will receive when you purchase the ONLINE COURSE.

  • 1 session of individual coaching with the writer Marcinéia Oliveira (Skype) - If you were to pay it would be $ 350.00 for 40 minutes
  • 1 E-book - if you were paying it would be 37.00
  • 1 audio book- if you were paying it would be 35.00
  • Group coaching in each course module - If you were to pay it would be 350.00 each session
  • Closed community - exclusive for course students to exchange experiences and network
  • Analysis of your resume by the writer Marcinéia Oliveira, who will give you some tips for your professional and personal development.
The Offshore Leadership course is 100% online. You can access your classes anywhere you want access and have access to the internet. In addition, the course was developed with:
  • Theoretical content recorded with audio to facilitate study while traveling.
  • Case study based on real facts.
  • Extra activities such as the suggestion to watch movies.
  • Online class with course teacher - previously scheduled

You know that leading a team is a challenge in any business segment, but in the Offshore environment the team's emotions can exert more influence. The homesickness of family and friends can contribute to increasing team conflict.

Therefore, it is very important that the professional that
be a team leader, learn to deal positively with your own emotions. Of course, that's not all. In addition to developing emotional control, you need to know how to inspire, value, and lead people of different generations. You know that companies are currently looking for full-time professionals, who have technical and interpersonal skills, who know how to relate to people, and are able to take leadership when necessary.

And you will agree with me that only having held a leadership position does not automatically make anyone a successful team leader. Especially in leading people of different generations, each with a personality quite different from the other, and carrying a set of beliefs and values ​​that differ totally from one another and, in most cases, differ from their patterns.

Actually, working in a multicultural environment already has its challenges, now imagine in an often hostile and unstable environment like the offshore!

For more than a decade I have developed a program to train and develop team leaders for the offshore industry. During this period, we trained and developed HUNDREDS of professionals who work in the largest companies in the sector.

Many of these professionals shared their experiences in the book: Offshore Leadership of course instructor Marcinéia Oliveira (click to read a little ).

As you read their stories you will soon realize that when you have developed leadership skills, the day-to-day work environment has changed a lot, and for the better. The relationship conflicts that hampered the good progress of the activities drastically reduced, the professionals became more engaged when they received a well-prepared and fact-informed feedback, the tasks started to be executed better when they began to delegate tasks following a correct step by step , not to mention that they achieved a greater commitment of the team.

I'll wait for you in class.

A big hug,
Marcinéia Oliveira
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