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Offshore Leadership Online Course Program

Leading a team is a challenge in any business segment, but in the Offshore environment the team's emotions can exert more influence. The homesickness of family and friends can contribute to increasing team conflict. Therefore, the leader needs to learn how to manage his team and his own emotions so that he can extract the best from each professional in order to use it for everyone´s benefit. And in addition to being able to control their emotions, the leader needs to learn to value, inspire and lead people in the right way, to help them in this mission is why we have developed this course. To be successful in leading, one must develop not only technical skills, but interpersonal skills, that is, knowing how to relate to people.

The Offshore Leadership course is 100% online. You can access your classes from anywhere you want if you have internet access. In addition, the course was prepared with:
• Theoretical content recorded with audio to facilitate study while traveling. (portuguese only)
• Case studies based on real facts.
• Extra activities, such as the suggestion to watch movies.
• Online classes with the instructor - previously scheduled.

Upon completion of the course the student will receive his digital certificate and a digital copy of the book Offshore Leadership. (Portuguese version only).

In module 1 - Concepts and theories, you will learn:

- What does leadership mean?
- The role of the leader of an Offshore team.
- The main responsibilities of an Offshore leader.
- What is the best style to lead?
- What are the personal characteristics needed to lead in the offshore environment.
- A checklist with items that will help you deal positively with others.

In module 2 - Relationship with the team, you will learn:

- How to communicate effectively with others.
- Argue convincingly and expose your opinions and doubts constructively.
- Develop your emotional intelligence and perfect your self control, self-motivation, empathy and social skills.
- To lead people of different generations.
- How to be successful in dealing with people of different personality profiles.
- To lead in an environment with cultural diversity. Offshore environment is filled with people with different values ​​and cultures.
- Apply the rules of discipline in a correct way.

In Module 3 - Leadership Tools, you will learn:

- A step by step to be successful in giving constructive feedback.
- What to do when listening to a review?
- The power of sincere praise.
- Delegate tasks correctly.
- Elaborate a list of activities that can be delegated.
- How to behave when applying discipline rules.
- Working as a team.
- The importance of winning the trust of the team.

In Module 4 - Leading conflict resolution in the team, you will learn:

- The origin of the main conflicts in a team.
- The main types of conflicts.
- When a conflict can be positive and when it becomes negative for a team.
- How to cope to prevent friend fire.
- The role of the leader as mediator of a conflict.
- Negotiation techniques applied in conflict management.
- The correct posture when managing a team conflict.

In Module 5 - Personal and Professional Growth, you will learn:

- Set goals and priorities for your career and for your personal life.
- To lead the different roles that you play in your life.
- Develop a plan of action to lead your different roles in life.
- Develop a personal action plan to define what actions are needed to improve your leadership skills.


1. At the end of each module, you will receive the suggestion to watch a movie, in order to practical illustrate all the content taught.You will have exercises to review the knowledge gained.
2. You will receive an e-book signed by the instructor and author of the book Offshore Leadership.
3. You will receive a certificate of completion.

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