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Leadership Skills

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Leadership Skills Course Program

As younger generations enter the labor market, it is necessary to recycle the way we lead. Many professionals devote part of their free time to developing skills to lead people of different generations, personality, culture and values.

We may judge that we are adept at doing this, but in the face of crisis, we can show that we do not yet have all the tools and skills to lead people as we thought. Many professionals had to go through a bad situation to become aware that the problem was not the team but how they acted and reacted to everyday situations. By realizing this and making efforts to improve their leadership skills, such action has a positive impact on the work environment and people. This course was designed to help professionals learn to lead by valuing the human being in order to achieve the best results.

Subjects studied in the course:

Part I - Connect people
Traps on the way
My leadership style is this.
Experienced and conscious
A precious quality

Part II - Value the Differences
In my time it was not like that
Cultural diversity
How to understand personality differences

Part III - Leading People
Communicate effectively
Constructive Feedback
The recognition that enriches
Teach others to excel
The right way to delegate
When to correct bad behavior?

Part IV - Conflict management
Let's work as a team
How to deal with team conflicts
Be the leader of your own career
Create your own growth opportunities
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