Interpersonal relationship

Interpersonal relationship

Relationship with the team in the work environment

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Interpersonal Relationship Course Program

"No matter what your area of ​​work, even in a technical position, your success depends on your ability to interact with others." - Dale Carnegie

We experience an explosion of diversity in teams, people with cultures, values, personality and different generations, but in search of meaningful work and seeking to be treated with respect and consideration.

In the workplace these differences can lead to some relationship conflicts, but when people take the time to get to know their personality type better, it helps them deal positively with people who have different profiles than theirs. Many professionals had to go through a bad situation to become aware that the problem was not the team but how they acted and reacted to everyday situations. In this case, it is vital to take time to improve our people skills.

Subjects studied in the course:

Part I - Personal Characteristics

1. Requirements needed to deal with people

2. Interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship

3.Develop skills to interact with other people.

4. A beautiful and essential virtue

5.Temperate your words!

6. "Listen to understand what I mean"

7. Emotional intelligence when relating to others

8.How To Behave When Dealing With An Angry Person

9.The professional rust


PART II - Value the differences

11.How to deal with the different generations?

12.Differences of personality

Part III - Free yourself!

13.Satisfaction in the work environment

14. Free yourself from all weights

15.Develop and mature as a person
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