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Innovative teaching in leadership tools, team management & customer service

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Why choose us?

Are you having trouble keeping pace with the aggressive market and maintaining a solid career in your company? At Inner Smart, we will help you increase your competitive advantage so your future is guaranteed.

Experienced professionals

The Inner Smart team is made up only of trained professionals who stand out in their field. Many of our teachers also have complementary training in alternative learning strategies.

Exclusive approach

The teaching method of Inner Smart Training is interactive, participative and practical, favoring immediate application of your lessons. The theoretical content permeated by experiential dynamics and outdoor activities, dramatizations, interactive and technological games, video screenings, challenging activities.

Private groups or small groups

There are people who learn better on their own, face-to-face or online; Others prefer to learn in groups. At Inner Smart, you can choose the environment that works best for you.

Short and focused online classes

Each class lasts between 15-30 minutes for maximum effectiveness. You can do one or two sessions per week, depending on your need and availability.

About Us 

INNER SMART was founded in 2008 to meet the needs of companies seeking a strategic direction in the development of their team. To raise the human potential in the organizations we elaborate qualification programs for professional development.
Through courses, lectures, seminars, workshops, team coaching, cultural and social events, we help our clients to value the most precious asset of a company: Your team!
We understand the importance of conducting a training program. Therefore, the definition of training needs (DNT), contemplates the guidelines of ISO 10015 - NBR ISO 10015. Quality management. Guidelines for training.)
We carry out our work with the highest standards of professionalism, trust and commitment.

Our courses

We excel in preparing students for a wide variety of leadership tools, team management, interpersonal relationships, and personalized customer service
According to the demands of various business programs and teaching institutes.


"There are people who can go through life without knowing themselves. This course has helped me take a decisive step toward self-knowledge. I am sure that from now on I will have a firm foundation to build my leadership career."

Claudio NV de Souza

"My feedback to the leadership training is very positive.Thank you for making me feel a better person after these two days.Thank you for helping me to rescue some feelings forgotten due to the day-to-day life we have."

Rafael Dias

"Excellent! Everyone is to be congratulated, the teaching didactics applied on classes were instructive and qualified, I would indicate to all."

Cristiano Nascimento

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