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The art of attending valuing human beings!

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Customer Service Course - The art of attending valuing the human being.

Customers are more powerful than ever and reign supreme, aware of their rights. When dissatisfied with a company, they advertise their experiences on websites, blogs and social networks or seek their rights in consumer protection agencies. Therefore, we need to know what we should or should not do so that our way of servicing the customer is unique and conquers the trust of the people we serve.
Being successful in serving customers in the information age requires more than made-up phrases, it is necessary to get rid of the robotic way of treating people, which makes an artificial customer service. The fierce business competition forces companies to invent themselves and to serve their customers in a personalized way. This service is also important for internal customers - employees - who deserve to be served with the same quality, empathy and, even more, with respect. After all, they are the ones who takes care of the most precious good for a company: their customers.

People are very unhappy with the quality of customer services they receive. According to a survey conducted by Accenture, what irritates people the most is the lack of personalized service.

Subjects studied in the course:

1. An Overview of the customer service area

1.1 Servicing people well is not a differential
1.2 Naturalness in expressing yourself
1.3 Emotional intelligence when helping others
1.4 Add value to the way you respond to people
1.5 Helping people or clients?

2. Value the differences
2.1 Self-knowledge with MBTI
2.2 Do not say no, negotiate!
2.3 Value cultural diversity
2.4 Different customer profiles

3. Challenges and solutions
3.1 How to help people when they are demanding or irritated
3.2 Complaints - blessings or curses?
3.3 How to deal with possible objections
3.4 Be proactive when answering
3.5 The rusty professional

4. Use your time well
4.1 Planning not to fail
4.2 Be a positive influence
4.3 Servicing people
4.4 Work as a team
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